A darkhorse is an unknown person or entity that emerges from a field with a surprising finish.

Founded in 2016, you may not recognize our name, but we have a rich pedigree of completed projects in diverse markets and scales.

Our process for delivering exceptional results in aesthetic integration and technical coordination insures the lighting system for each project performs in both aspects and achieves the vision set out by the architect.

The term “darkhorse” began in horse racing circles, so it is fitting that our logo features a horse representing agility, focus and efficient movement. These qualities are woven into a process of design iterations that embody the pillars of our practice:

  • to create human-centric lighting systems designed for healthy environments
  • the judicious use of our natural resources
  • to use light as an artistic expression of the built environment

Architectural lighting is a collaborative art intertwined with the physics of light energy. Our work is designed to capture the power of light to reveal form and evoke an emotional response from all who experience and inhabit our projects.

At Darkhorse Lightworks, technology enriches our ability to help architects and owners visualize lighting before it is installed providing a value added service. Our careful attention to detail and relentless pursuit of excellence insures the return on investment in lighting design exceeds expectations. So it’s really no surprise the result is an exceptional performance in light.